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Why the Manufacturing Industry Chooses RAD Torque Tools

RAD Torque Systems works with large manufacturing companies worldwide. Our experience gives us unique insight into how heavy-duty equipment can halt the manufacturing process if/when it breaks down. That’s why we’ve designed tools to help minimize downtime and maximize torque.  Whether your company produces cars, food, textiles or another product, our wrenches and Smart Sockets can help you tighten connections quickly and accurately.

Our tools are designed for manufacturing's biggest tasks

Accuracy You Can Trust

Rest assured that bolts and fasteners are tightened with the correct amount of torque. Our Smart Sockets measure the actual torque applied to a bolt during a torque cycle. So, there is no guessing involved.

Timesaving Tools

We understand that a single equipment breakdown can halt your entire assembly line, which means you need the right tools to repair your machines fast.

Adaptable Wrenches

At RAD Torque,  we offer a whole suite of tools for the manufacturing industry to ensure your business stays in motion even if a part breaks down.

Recommended RAD Torque Tools for the Manufacturing Industry

At RAD Torque, we offer a whole suite of tools for the manufacturing industry to ensure your business stays in motion even if a part breaks down. 


The newest addition to the B-RAD series is the B-RAD BL S. Equipped with a built-in transducer, the B-RAD BL S makes torquing and logging easier and more efficient than ever with its ability to read and display torque in real time. With torque and angle capabilities, the B-RAD BL S is ready for the most critical applications and will hold up to scrutiny on a variety of projects. The B-RAD BL S includes Bluetooth connectivity, torque check functionality, and automatic reaction arm release to minimize your downtime and maximize your torque output.

  • Torque range up to 5,000 ft. lbs.
    • New and improved battery life
    • Bolt counter
    • Brushless motor
    • Password protection
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No compressed air? No problem! The B-RAD SELECT BL is the world’s first digital battery-powered torque wrench. Now offering ranges of up to 5,000 ft. lbs. the redesigned B-RAD SELECT BL offers higher speed and longer battery life while incorporating a new torque display with buttons.

  • Now with digital torque settings, increase or decrease the value by 10 ft. lbs.
  • Torque ranges up to 5,000 ft. lbs.
  • Equipped with the latest lithium-ion technology
  • Suitable for pre-torque and service jobs where electricity or compressed air are not available
  • Longer battery life as energy is used more efficiently
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The RAD Single Speed pneumatic torque wrench is designed for heavy-duty applications. Built with more than 25 years of gearbox engineering and design.

  • The ultimate in power-to-weight ratio
  • Wide torque range to suit multiple applications
  • Unmatched reliability delivered by one of the most advanced planetary gearboxes  
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The RAD SDM Low Profile series multipliers are an excellent option for applications where tool access to the bolt is limited. Based on our extensive experience with planetary gear reduction technology, the SDM Low Profile gearbox was designed for confined applications in multiple industries including aerospace. The RAD SDM Multipliers are to be combined with your chosen nut runner.

  • For applications where tool access to the bolt is limited!
  • Planetary gear reduction technology
  • Low profile gearbox
  • Designed for confined applications in multiple industries   
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What makes RAD Torque extremely unique is our ability to respond to any industry’s needs and design very custom products. We do things that most other companies wouldn’t even consider. We are ready to say yes to any opportunity out there, and we’ve got the engineering team and manufacturing capacity to back it up.

- Dan Provost, President of RAD Torque Systems

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About RAD Torque Systems


RAD Torque Systems is the leading Canadian manufacturer of extreme torque equipment, which includes pneumatic, battery powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches. Our tools are used on bolts around the world in such industries as oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, aerospace, power generation and manufacturing.


The RAD story began in a small garage in Abbotsford, BC, 25 years ago where Dan Provost started manufacturing planetary gear reduction torque wrenches. At that time, Dan set out to create torque wrenches that were more durable and lighter than what was available on the market at that time. 


RAD Torque Systems is proudly Canadian owned and operated, gives the company greater control over every product. The skilled engineering team joined with RAD’s massive manufacturing capacity allows the company to provide customizable solutions. 

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